Jazz school infomation

Foundation 1995.
A jazz piano and jazz vocal are taught in Osaka Shinsaibashi.
From beginners' introduction to the help of an experienced person's slump escape, it is teaching by Private lesson.

Jazz Piano Lesson

teacher02.jpg"Having gone to learn ad lib was told "Flip adlib"."
Doesn't it have such an experience?
Although it tends to seem that the ad lib of a jazz piano is performed only with intuition or the talent, as mathematics has a formula, there is a formula of jazz also in jazz.
The formula of jazz = jazz theory
By studying this theory, anyone can play a jazz piano now.
Of course, not only theory but a feeling is important.
At this school, the individuality which the person has is developed, and enjoying oneself so that brakes may not be applied to sensitivity, it is teaching so that the technology of jazz vocal or a jazz piano can be learned.

Jazz Vocal Lesson

The lesson of JAZZ vocal begins from vocal exercises in the beginning of a lesson.
After it, in order to be able to read some rhythm trainings and musical scores, scat practice using the easy solfege which takes out a musical score to voice and reads it, or a musical score is carried out.
And with the almost same feeling as the JAZZ vocalist who actually sings on a stage, it unites with a teacher's piano accompaniment and carries out the lesson of the repertory of JAZZ.
Since a lecturer performs piano accompaniment in the same environment as the actual live, the lesson is advanced so that the stage of the live can visualize into the head in a classroom.
90% of the persons who continued for three years or more are doing the independent live in the live house.

Lesson fee
Admission fee 10000yen
45min 6000yen
60min 7500yen

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