Live Space

It is Blues & Jazz Bar into which the analog record of a master prejudice flows and which was considered as relaxation, and is the No.1 live space.
He is indebted by midnight live distribution on Wednesday every week.
It is a live house of Mr. Tatsuhiko Kawasaki who was together in the college-days light music part.
It is a restaurant based on [ through which jazz bassist Shoichi Hiranuma's live music flows by the senior of a light music part ] Italian cuisine.
It is the foppish live house bar which the graduate of SPOONFUL MUSIC is managing and in which it is full of the high-class feeling of Osaka north Shinchi.
It is the live house which the graduate of SPOONFUL MUSIC is managing.
It is also a store in which not only jazz but motorbike lovers gather.


For the friend of my Berklee era, it is a sax player of a street musician's pioneer.
When I was in Tokyo, it was often performing in the road together.
When going to the United States by the friend of my Berklee era for the first time, it is a sax player of the relations in which the airplane was taken together.
While it is a player, musical education is performed as a "Tanoshiro-Jyuku" in the Japan whole country.
He is the hot bluesy singer-songwriter who became acquainted by Bar Bonanza.
The commercial song of "Josin" is sung.
It is under broadcasting.
It is a site of a wonderful Gypsy swing guitarist and Mr. Inoue.
In Mr. Inoue, since I was allowed to go together by the live with Mr. Sanshiro or 7 years ago (as of 2013), it had neglected to write, but it met again by Bonanza by chance.
It was very delightful reunion.
It is a site of the guitarist and Mr. Furuike who became acquainted by Bar Bonanza
The guitar of splendid Mr. Furuike softens the people's mind which it is warm and is hearing, though it is very exiciting.


It is a store of the foppish china which jazz pianist Mr.Kurita Takeshi manages by the friend of my Berklee era.

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