A child's time

My house

写真 2013-01-01 17 22 33.jpg It was as a third grade in an elementary school that I began the piano.
My father an office worker and a mother was beauticians.
Exercise of my piano was not so serious.
The music of radio was always flowing into the store a beauty parlor, .
The stereo is put also on the live-in salesclerks' room, and many records of the hot new fashion were placed.

Exercise of a piano

 In my child hood,I did not piano practis not so much.Before I go to piano lesson.I whould crayfish picking play by the rice field and carried out to exercise by the muddy hand, the piano teacher was smiling bitterly.
My special ability at the time was blowing a vertical flute simultaneously, playing the piano.
It was three years to the sixth grader in an elementary school that I learned the piano.

When music is memorized

Interest to rock music in teen age

 I came to hear Locke, such as Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, from the time like a junior high school student.
I was very wanted the drum and it acted as me. However, parents did not buy a drum.
Those days, Rock music was called poor music.
Before I get to know a rock -- the live of the Tigers (famous Japanese rock band) was seen for a while in the neighboring amusement park at the last time.
Since I did not have a drum bought, I bought only a stick and had struck an empty can and a pan.
When I was a third-year student in a junior high school, I learned the guitar from the private teacher.
Although the teacher was a classical guitar, I was subject to the influence of Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix was flipping only Locke and Japanese-made pop too.

Band activity

band.jpgIn my high school, I was playing the guitar in a rock band.
It covers such as Rolling Stones, I was playing in the school festival, such as high school. This band activities was continued until about one year university.
One day, the older sister of a friend who listened to my performance,
"You should do a study jazz piano"
She told me that, but did not care at that time.

Jazz workshop

写真 2013-01-01 17 37 41.jpg When the two-year college, I was join the club light music section. I thought that I would like to play rock music.
Before entering the light music section, I was asked a friend to join in the light music section first.
And he took me to the light music section.
But, there was not a rock music club activities.
He was a member of the light music section, to be sure, but I was a jazz club activities. There, he was blowing alto sax.
"You please playing the piano in the jazzband by all means"
In front of my eyes, the keyboard was put.
Participated in the session of seniors without knowing the reason, I have become a pianist of jazz club activities as it is.
Since I did not know only rock music until then, I did not will need to study the basics of jazz.
I came to play the Jazz in about one year, it is not know theory, so was playing in the self-taught that rely exclusively on feeling, I was to good completely....

Time of Japan and U.S. coming and going

The time of opting for studying abroad

バークリー2.jpgJust before that I graduated from college, I was told the girlfriend.
She was artist who has won a prize or a large exhibition of art.
"You ought to study jazz in the United States"
To say so, to me, she gave me the address book of music school in the United States.
I have decided to go to Berklee College of Music in BOSTON.
My parents gave me out the tuition. I was able to enroll in Berklee College of Music.

Berklee College of Music (primary)

I entered Berklee College of Music, I was to live in the dormitory.
Have a lot from around the world, students who are talented in there, confidence was no longer me.
But, I became hooked on music education in a way that makes sense in the Berklee College of Music.
As well as music theory, called the Berklee system, generous education policy also gave me a great impact on me.
Bad grades in school in Japan, I was falling behind.
I can, without having taken the class notes, did not have even homework. I'm not good at rote memorization, by what's called study-provoking remember forced to remain unaccountable to God-knows-what, I was not able to have interest at all.
But at the Berklee College of Music, rather than just memorize and taught properly the structure of its contents. And, rather than that you have to memorize, made do with it, but it gave me to evaluate the originality.
For me, studying became interesting.
I study was only there is hate, toward the piano five hours or more a day, I was now immersed in research and practice.
However, because I was slower than people to start with the study of music, many times people also needed a time of practice to wear what you learned in Berklee College of Music.
The leave of absence to Berklee on the eve of graduation, while working as a jazz pianist to go to New York, I was hard at practice....

Activity in New York

 Joined the band of Charles Haynes (ts), I had been playing together for nearly a year in New York. At this time, I was awarded a gold medal in the Bacas Music Competition. At that time, the judges
"Please to do with Charlie as in New York as it is"
It is said, and I had been working in New York for a while, but the phone enters from Hisao Tanoshiro of Japan one day, was with at Berklee College of Music, because there was a invitation of the band, it was returned to Japan.

Tokyo age

I returned to Japan, was active in the bands. I also practice the piano hard.
I go out to Tokyo after that, I lived in Jiyugaoka. I've played with live music and piano bar in Roppongi and Aoyama every day.
There was also be pleasing to the audience, but there was also not.
After work, it went out Ginza and Shibuya, Shinjuku, I was a street musician with Mr.Sanshiro (sax). Not uncommon for street musicians what now, but in Japan at the time, did not even have the idea that playing music on the road.
After closed the shop where we were playing. There is no piano, I sang a song.
In Tokyo, almost every day, I had been playing to run around. Sometimes, I was playing in two hotels in one day. It was also started to teach to take the students and it is around this time.
I fallen on hard work truly, no longer have to rest for a while back home to my parents' house in Hyogo.
After rested as much rest, I have decided to go to Berklee again....

The Berklee College of Music graduation and New York

卒業.jpg To study at Berklee College of Music in the second time, and I had to study a lot in Japan, was not that you will no longer keep up with the class. I was able to take advantage of the scholarship through the selection.

I acquired the units left has graduated from Berklee. Shaking hands with a photograph of the graduation ceremony is the George Benson.
I went to New York again. New York for the second time, so was the main purpose is to collect the musical material, it was like a tourist.


Research life

Back home in Japan, I was suspended activities as a pianist. Then, in the documents obtained in the United States, analyzes the jazz, and went into the research life I repeat the experiment.
I came back to the hometown I thought to be good if I wear Dere even to eat and to sleep.
Deep in the mountains, because it was a rich place of nature, I was able to immerse myself to practice. I was learning how to play and theory in the exchange of recording tape and the teacher called Mr. Charlie Banacos that are in Boston. Only it was contact with others.
I do not want to be married, was playing the piano at home just did must fight the loneliness.
Still, I so wanted to be a great pianist absolutely, I have continued to practice the piano every day.
Continued for several years such a life, I, was able to establish a theory, I have decided to teach jazz to take the student.


teacher02.jpgAt the Cultural Center in the near our house, I taught vocal and piano in the room of my parents' house next first. Then I came out to Osaka, I opened jazz piano and vocal School "SPOONFUL MUSIC".
It was a classroom that it intends to open temporarily in order to begin a career as a jazz pianist one, but it was impossible to stop by to teach the students, research because my more advanced.
Not only that, I was hooked to the students grow. Students to touch the jazz, to freely express a variety of personality has helps me to present the best ones to me.
The students were taught a lot of things really.I taught students of more than 1,000 so far.

As a player

 For me, that until now, and that is to play, but is also accompanied by a difficulty that can not express what you want to express.
It was made ​​to be able to really enjoy that I can play is the end of the year around 2012.
The theory and I have studied over a long time, in the technique, I will be able to express freely their own spirits.